How to be “10X More Productive” even if you are not good at it.

1. Introduction

What is Productivity?

Quality of being productive. That said, it means “How effectively and efficiently a person completes a task and in what time frame”.

2. Problem

  • l Most People struggle with “Productivity” but in reality, they should not
  • School and college completely failed in teaching us how to be more productive
  • l I struggled with it as well

3. Solution

  • l I eventually overcame it. So, what I did do?
  • Over the past 9 years, I have read more than 57 books and invested about 677 hours and enrolled in 7+ courses on productivity
  • l The result? I have seen 10x and amazing results
  • l I distilled what I learned into 2 simple frameworks and other 27 important tips and you are getting it for “free” because I want none of you should have to struggle the way how I struggled back then
  • l Master it and you will 10x your career
Want to know a secret

So, if you are struggling with productivity - Here is an easy and quick framework/tips that will help you master productivity.

Framework 1: (3-3-3 Method)
The First 3: (3 hours on your most important task/project)
  • 1. Spend about 3 hours of deep work on your most important task/project.
  • 2. Why 3 hours? Because 3-4 hours of deep/focused work is our cognitive limit.
  • 3. For best results, complete them during your highest state of energy (Probable in the morning for most) and when you are creative.
  • 4. Eliminate distractions.
The Second 3: (3 shorter tasks)
  • 1. Execute 3 shorter tasks.
  • 2. These are urgent to-do’s (Example - for a business person/principal- calls, meetings, providing feedback, smaller work tasks).
  • 3. Schedule time
The Third 3: (3 maintenance activities)
  • 1. Complete 3 maintenance activities (Example- cleaning, exercising, meditating and doing a journal, etc).
  • 2. These activities will help you make your life move forward smoothly.
  • 3. Schedule time for maintenance.
  • 3 hours on your most important tasks
  • 3 shorter tasks
  • 3 maintenance activities
Why does it work?
  • Simple to use
  • Takes seconds to implement it
  • Helps you to be 10X more productive
Framework 2:&
  1. Ask “Do I need this?” (If no, delete/eliminate it)
  2. If yes, ask “Does this require creativity?” (If no, automate it)
  3. If yes, ask “Am I the best person for this?” (If no, delegate it)
  4. If yes, do it!
Discover 27 more secrets/tips that will make you 10X more productive:
  1. The best productivity hack is the elimination
  2. Focus on 1 thing at a time and don’t multitask
  3. Find out your peak state of energy (morning for most) and time block 3-4 hours during that period of deep work
  4. If there is something you want to do later, do it now because there is no later
  5. Eliminate the gap between waking up and working
  6. Have one high priority task 
  7. Starting is the hardest part - lean into the resistance and just start
  8. Time management is not real, there is only self-management
  9. Know when you are most creative and plan your day/week accordingly
  10. Follow 80/20 rule (80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts)
  11. Plan each day the night before
  12. Plan your week each Sunday
  13. Plan your month on the first day of the month
  14. Focus on “not to do” list
  15. Keep your “to do list” (Probably 3 to 5 very important tasks every day)
  16. Depth/quality of work is more important than the number of hours you worked
  17. Put your phone on airplane mode or in another room
  18. Complete your most important tasks first
  19. Have an easy and short but powerful morning routine
  20. Learn to say “NO”
  21. Prioritize your priorities
  22. Know when/what/how to automate, delegate
  23. Take a break (every 90 minutes)
  24. Hack your dopamine and optimize your sleep
  25. Go for a daily walk
  26. Don’t let your emotions control your work (Remember - You have to control your emotions; it’s not you are being controlled by it)
  27. Wake up early and don’t take any meetings/calls until noon if you are a business person, principal, CEO etc.

Congratulations!  You saved about 677 hours and also saved hundreds/thousands of dollars on Productivity. 

Now, you have discovered 2 frameworks and 27 important tips on productivity, use them every single day.

“Start Growing and become 10X more productive”!