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The simplest way to ensure you’re Organized & Improve Children's Development Outcome.

The Easiest & Smartest Childcare Management Software

Proton makes a easy and interactive parental experience. Proton helps teachers to communicate more efficiently and viably with students and parents permitting them to screen and track their educational, behavioral & development journey.

Proton is a comprehensive and powerful childcare management system, solving all of your management and school needs and supports you to begin in minutes. Completely Tailor and customize.




Primary School ETP

Key Points

Improve Children's Development Outcomes

Observe child learning progress live with graphs, photos, assignments & notes to align with their 360° development. Proton supports responsive relationship between student & teacher. Our academic, behavioural & health module promotes healthy brain development and personality of a child.

Behavioural Observations

Parents will get alert when an teacher finishes a observation on a kid. Teachers & Parents can get greater knowledge into the areas of children needs to help with their learning and advancement. Proton creates a profile for each individual child to easily update and manage all their activities & information & ensure it is available at one touch.

Real-time Communication

Proton's school parent communication feature incorporates and secures conversations among parents and teachers. Our advance school parent communication programmed to connect and engage your users, sharing learning diaries, information and updates for parents very instantly.

Promote Parental Involvement

Increase parent involvement by making it simpler for parents to remain connected about what happens every day. Individual observations and record on every child, guaranteeing parents are just observing information that relates with them.

Curriculum & Homework Planner

Plan your teaching curriculum days, days & week ahead of time. Have the option to highlight to your students and parents what your school has available for their learning journey. Our homework system permits teachers, students and parents to check and approve homework digitally. Teachers would now be able to monitor every students homework speedier and more smarter where all teacher, student and parents can convey if necessary.

Health & Security Tracker

Make it simpler for parents to follow their child’s health and make more secure for children in your school. Establish a protected environment, by sharing significant information, for example, vaccination details, Temperature reports, medication and incident records with parents. Also allow parents to keep a record on their child’s health schedules.


Proton ETP Features For Primary School


With our mobile application, Proton permits coordination of the attendance module with systems such as biometric gadgets and swipe cards, among others.

All-in-one Calendar

This calendar can show your upcoming classes, events, tasks, appointments, exams, assignments etc. at one place with alert functionality.

Digital Classroom

Proton comes with inbuild LMS which provides smooth online learning environment that allows live interaction between the teachers and the learners.


Proton permits each school to upload and save their documents with the goal that they never need to misplace them again.

Learning & Assessments

Record & Monitor student progress through Proton, share with parents, or just with staff.


Track and analyze student, staff or classroom progress with information rich reports.

Staff Management

Structure your staff with the goal that you know which teachers are required for what rooms. Teachers can likewise request holidays for approval.

Payment Alerts

Send reminder to parent if payment is late or any dues is there.

Online Payment Options

Allow parents to pay fees online through our varies secure platforms directly into your account.


Setup reminders for important assignments like appointments, exams and tests.

Medical Information

Track Student health information (Vaccination, allergies, medications, etc.)

Security and Privacy

We are very concerned about the privacy and security of your data. That’s why we join hands with Amazon Web Services to handling your data.

Online Admission System

Proton can be used as a school admission software, from tracking new student inquiries to enrolling students manage all through one platform.

Marketing to Prospects

Proton enables your school to maintain a blog and continue to produce valuable and engaging content. Directedly Post on your website or social media platforms.

Transport Management

A Safe and Advance system which empowers to track live vehicles.

Multiple Branches

For the executives of Group of Institutions who need to control more than one school from single stage.

Proton ETP Features

Prime Highlights

Who Can Use our Primary School Educational Platform ?

Play Schools / Kindergarten School / Nursery School / Pre-primary School / Day Care Schools / Junior schools / Community schools / Middle schools / Virtual or Online Primary school

There are Plenty of other features also Find out how Proton will help your School. Schedule your free consultation. We’ll discuss your processes and help you find the right solution for you.

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