Customer Support

Our devoted group of support experts are specialists in the Proton programming application and in advanced education business processes.

Directly from the beginning, you'll appreciate the advantage of our five-star client support. We start by importing in your data and custom structure your account to suit your institute's particular needs. Most institute are ready for action in around less than a week.

You'll additionally get training for your staff to guarantee everybody is all set when it's time to launch.

Full-administration Technical Support

Regardless of whether turning out new software features, fixing bugs or guiding you to software information assets, our customer care group is focused on making Proton work for you.

Regular feature updates

Best practices for any educational institute are advancing each day. Proton has a broad product roadmap that incorporates feature, user experience, and platform updates.

We are here for you 24/7

We offer nonstop help for minor or crucial outages and keep up record for time sensitive goal relying upon seriousness level. We use programmed observing to identify issues and start recovery, frequently before performance degradation is taken note.

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There are Plenty of other features also Find out how Proton will help your Institute. Schedule your free consultation. We’ll discuss your processes and help you find the right solution for you.

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