What amount of time does it require to set up Proton?

How rapidly the arrangement cycle is finished relies upon how rapidly you give the suitable information to Proton. That being stated, most large Educational Institutes with all the required customization can be ready for action in as little 3-5 days.

Would you be able to import our existing student data?

Absolutely Yes, Proton will import all essential student data and class lists as a feature of the setup process.

What if I'm changing from an different school administration system ?

Don’t worry, as a feature of arrangement we import your information, design your account and give full training to your teachers & staff. Trust us, we make it simple.

What sort of internet connection do I need?

Proton turns works fine over generally broadband and 3G/4G mobile connections.

What number of users can access Proton at once?

There is no limit to the number of users that can be signed in to your Proton account simultaneously.

How would I access my account?

Proton will give login credentials to directors, principals, Staff, or other administrators. If you are a teacher, parent or student whose institute uses Proton, you'll have to get in touch with one of your school's administrators to get your login credentials.

How can I have online classroom feature? What platform supports this feature?

Online classroom comes as an inbuilt feature with Proton. However If you have not taken an online classroom plan then it won't be available & won't support any other platform

Is training and support provided?

We are known for the training and support we give to our clients. We are always accessible to address your inquiries and are always available for any doubts or inquiries. We have an online Help Center which will may likewise help with any questions you may have. Our help Centre are accessible by means of Email and call every minute of every day, consistently.

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