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Proton is an intelligent tool that binds and connects management, parents and students.

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We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to Fortune 10 companies.

About Proton

Developed by Surviva Technologies

Proton is an intelligent tool for any type of educational institutions that binds and connects management, parents and students. We bundled ERP, LMS & Content features for progressive educational institutions around the Globe.

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Proton LMS & ETP

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Proton Features

Student Information System (SIS)

  • Grading & Assessments
  • Notice or Bulletin Boards
  • Attendance
  • Progress Reports
  • Health Records
  • Course Management


  • Virtual Classroom
  • Exam & Class Test.
  • Homework & Assignments
  • Progress Reports
  • Real time chat-room
  • Interactive content builder

Finance & Accounting

  • Invoicing
  • Online Payment Options
  • Balance Sheets Income & Expense Statement
  • Payment Alerts
  • Salary Management
  • Grants & Scholarship Management


  • Student & Behaviour Analytics
  • Staff Performance Analytics
  • Institution Analytics
  • Advanced Reporting

Pre-admission Features

  • Paperless Admission
  • Online Application Forms
  • Online Fee Payment
  • Webpage Information
  • Marketing to Prospects

Inventory & Logistics

  • Inventory Management
  • Transport Management
  • Library Management
  • Hostel Management

Other Value Add-ons

  • Calendar
  • Private Communication Network
  • Multiple Branches
  • Documentation
  • Substitute Management
  • Task Manager

Moving to Proton is very simple & straightforward.

With CSV/Excel Upload, setting up institution takes under 10 minutes.

It couldn't be easier. Proton can import all your current data, so there's no requirement for you to retype anything. Proton is incredibly simple to set up, convey and manage. From the very beginning Proton team collaborate with every one of their clients, guaranteeing their current Institute information is effectively moved to Proton. With everything set up, we train our Institute heads and keep on supporting them personally, throughout their use of Proton. Discover more about our commitment to support

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